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William knows that his home isn't much not compared to a grand city like Paris or even Milliways and he wants Bahorel to get something from it. To keep from worrying too much, he's saddled up two horses, his own Diana and one of the Milliways' horses that he knows can manage themselves around cattle. They're tied up in the paddock as he finishes his coffee and reads while his horse gives his shoulder friendly nudges.

Rodeo AU

Aug. 8th, 2016 12:08 am
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Will Evans is in the middle rankings for All Around Cowboy and all the events involved in that: steer roping, bronc riding, bull riding, calf wrestling and sometimes team roping. The Evans' family used to own a training and boarding stable on land that had been in there family since the late 1800s but when the bills piled up due to Mark's surgery, Dan lost his leg in a fire and then died, Will realized that his skill at rodeo could help. Now while his mother works as a nurse, Mark's a scholarship student at a good school in Phoenix, Will travels the country to make every dollar he can on the rodeo with his horse Diana.

He has the skill that some of the old timers say he could make a name for himself but doesn't have the ready money to get to everywhere he needs to be. A few injuries have slowed him down, breaking his wrist on a mean bronc two years ago but he keeps going and he's ranked high going into the Dodge City Roundup.
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William has tack, brushes and everything needed to get Duncan ready to be ridden near his stall as well as the same for Diana. If everything goes well, he and Autor will go for a small ride.

Now he's sipping some coffee and eating a biscuit outside the stable door as he watches the morning mist rise off the lake.

Outlaw AU

Jul. 19th, 2015 11:24 pm
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After Ben Wade was put on the train and Dan Evans died, the money ran out quicker than everyone expected and Mark kept getting sicker. William found Milliways and that helped some but not enough. Two or three years after Dan's death, Ben Wade found William and asked for his help on a job, he remembered what a good shot William was and how focused he got. William didn't take that first job but he took another, it provides some extra money and his mother and brother think he's working someone else's range.

He has hasn't killed a man yet but he knows if he keeps on this path, that day might come. Age wise, he's the same, but the years have hit him harder, fewer doors, not as many good days and everything's coming closer to falling apart.
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William watched Mark ride a little ahead of him. His brother was sitting taller, the school was feeding him well. Mark turned and said, "Will, I can feel when you watch me like that. I'm fine and you should be at school with me."

"Who would look out for the ranch and Ma?"

"She could come and live with us and be at the school. Pa would understand, he wanted us to not be held down," Mark's voice rose and a cow lowed at him in response as William sighed, "It ain't that simple. We can't just stop bein' ranchers, it takes time to get set up and school costs money. This way you won't be stuck here. Anyway if I went to school, I'd probably get into fights and make it worse for you."

"That ain't true and you know it!" As he yelled, Mark's voice had a crack in it and one of cattle snorted at them both, "You're always readin' and there are scholarships. Will, please, think about it."

"I have and no, this is for you, enjoy it," He knew that he could help Mark and their mother most by keeping the ranch going, it would honor their father and tomorrow they'd decorate his grave. Today there was work to do and he heard Mark sigh before moving off to look over the herd.
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William's saddling up his horse as he waits for Michael. For later, there's a picnic lunch from Bar but for now, they have the entire day to ride.
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D'Artagnan went upstairs after the awful duel with the Englishman, Bar gave him some bandages that he took. It wasn't normal to feel this cold and his shirt would need to be sewn up once more. In the room provided though it didn't look right, he had a painful hot bath where he scrubbed that traitorous mud off of himself and bandaged his cuts as he could see the bruises appearing on his face.

Sleep didn't come easily, because he ached and thoughts went through his mind of other fights, he didn't even recall of them. Also this illness he had didn't seem to be improving and he tossed and turned through the night trying to find a comfortable way to sleep, he would be his best when he went to Paris.
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William remembers when he was younger, he used to like the Fourth, the parades with the veterans from the Revolution and the War of 1812. It was nicer when they lived farther East, Mark was sick but the Fourth felt lighter somehow. Once the War started, every Fourth got tougher as the casualty lists got longer and then there was Gettysburg. By the time his father came back and the War was over, the Fourth was weighted down by too many deaths to be happy about it. After Contention, it was lonelier but he got better at hiding how all the talk of heroes drew his thoughts to his father dead and forgotten in the dust. Dan Evans was a hero who sacrificed for his country but in Bisbee, he was a man who didn't know how to properly manage his land.

In Bisbee, everything's smaller and noisier and harder, he knows his mother enjoys the baking and contests. There she gets a chance to shine and she even smiles a few times while Mark spends his pennies on rock candy and sticks close to William.

The parade's not that long but there are still veterans who march as the miners and railroad men start getting drunker. When Tom Hollander starts bragging about his new school and how one of his teachers is a real hero, William can feel his temper start to rise. Mark tries to help by talking about new dime novels and how their mother will win for one of her pies. When Hollander asks if Dan was really a hero, William takes a breath before asking, "You want to do this?"

Tom laughs and starts taking off his jacket, "Yeah, I do, Evans."

William takes off his jacket and goes after Tom in the schoolyard. No one pulls them apart because all the attentions on the rest of the fair and a crowd of boys and girls circles around them cheering as neither one comes out ahead. There's a holler from someone in the crowd and Hollander's off and laughing as William lies in the dust as he feels his left eye start to swell, checks his teeth and tastes blood on his lips. He can't count all the bruises as he looks up to Mark and his mother and considers closing his eyes to hide from the disappointment in their faces. Mark kneels down and helps him up as their mother frowns and whispers, "Oh William."

They spend what's left of the day on the edges before heading back before darkness falls and once he's been cleaned up and scolded, William goes to the barn. Up in the loft, he looks at the sketch of his father Wade did and wonders if anything can ever be as simple and good as it once was as Horus sleeps on his leg.
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His brother's at school and his mother's in town doing some errands when William opens a door to Milliways in the barn.

He props it open with a rock before going to look for Korra.
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After Thalia left, William sat down on one of the hale bales in the paddock and stared up at the sky.

A light rain began to fall and he sighed and pulled his hat down on his head. He couldn't get angry because it wasn't her fault that she forgot him, that was just Milliways being Milliways and not caring about time or feelings.

She was hurting because of what happened and it felt wrong to even blame her a bit. He didn't know what to do and watched the rain drops fall off the brim of his hat.

He'd never expected them to have much of anything, their worlds held too many responsibilities and duties, he just thought they'd have longer. She had made a promise, not to another man but to a goddess and that's not something to be trifled with. It suited her, he could see that she wasn't as angry, but more her. That was what mattered, he was an Evans, that meant nothing went his way.
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When he got home after seeing the posting about Bucky, William went straight to his chores and tries to work himself tired. Horus followed him around, bumping his ankles and finally hopping onto his shoulder to sit. He absently patted Horus, who just was there and purring. In time he ran out of things to do and Mark came to find him for dinner, he kept quiet since he was tired and hungry, but tried to look alright. He didn't want to worry anyone, Horus stayed by him and he fell asleep quickly.

The casualty lists covered the kitchen table as they searched through the names from Chancellorsville and Vicksburg. All the names seemed to blur together and he saw his mother trying not to cry as she read, so many men, so many named Evans. There were other names he knew; James Barnes, Michael Westen, Steve Rogers, Thomas Gavin, Gene Hunt, Adrian Shephard.

It hurt where Mark was hugging, holding on as tight as he could in the hope that their father would be safe. He couldn't cry, he had to be strong for everyone, he was the man of the house. Mark was squeezing too much and he caught he gasped.

Then he woke up to find Horus almost sitting on his face and giving him a look, he reached up to shift Horus and felt the tears on his face. He wiped them away and whispered to Horus, "I'm fine, go on back to sleep."

Horus meowed at him before settling himself between William and where Mark was still sleeping.

Home Safe

Oct. 28th, 2012 08:09 pm
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Before he went up to bed after talking to Bucky, his door returned. William considered writing a note before he coughed and decided, best to just leave now, it might not stay long.

On the other side of the door as always, nothing had really changed, which made it easier to adjust. The rhythm of life went on as it did before with chores throughout the day, making sure that Mark got to school and their mother was happy, as happy as she could be. She always looked tired and he wished there was a way to tell her that in a strange other place, Dan Evans walked and lived a half life and missed her. Maybe someday he would find a way to let her know.

When he dreamed of Mark dying again, he woke up and stared into the shadows. This time there was no one there as Mark peered at him and mumbled about getting more sleep. It was still tricky to sleep as he worried what he would dream about, but he did sleep and there were no more shadowy figures in his dreams.
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Mark's breathing changed from normal to wheezing and William turned over to light the candle. Though the candle wasn't there and the room was too dark, so he lit a match to peer at Mark's face, which was too pale, "Mark, stay with me, Mark. I'll get your medicine and you'll be fine."

But Mark didn't answer, he went from wheezing to coughing, blood staining his hands as the match burned William's hand, then there was light from somewhere. He didn't know what to do, he couldn't find the voice to call for his mother or get up, he could only hold Mark as he coughed his life away.

Mark trembled in his arms, trying to pray but the coughs kept getting in the way, so William said the words for him. That was all he could do as something seemed to watch from the shadows, but William couldn't see it through the tears in his eyes just a wavering shape.

The taste of salt in his mouth woke him up and he lit the lantern, his hands trembling as he stared at the light. Mark was alive and healthy, but not here, not in Milliways. That was just a dream.


Jul. 23rd, 2012 09:38 pm
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The last days of the drive go by quickly enough, a heavy rain falls on the last day but they keep together. When they come in sight of Contention, Mark glances at his brother more, they've been here since it all got bad as they have to, but he worries. Their father was killed at the train station and he knows William saw it from the stockyards.

They're not the only herd coming into town and William ends up yelling and arguing before the stock is finally penned in.

Within sight of the stockyards, William finds a place for them to dismount and he leans against a hitching post, "I'll have to make the sale final and then I'll be able to pay you."

The Drive

Jun. 18th, 2012 09:20 pm
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William hasn't been sleeping much and he's been going between Milliways and the door in the barn as he gets everything read. At this point, he's fairly sure they should be able to leave tomorrow but he knows his mother wants to meet Jack and Michael in case they're not good enough.

Mark's inside and Alice is on the porch as she calls out, "William, stop worrying at things in that barn and come in here and introduce me to the men you've hired."

He looks over at Jack and Michael, Jack doesn't seem too different but Michael is a bit odd in his cowboy clothes, "Ready?"
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After talking with Ellen, William asked Bar for some help putting together some things to bring Michael.

There was a good bit of discussion before he headed upstairs with a tray holding soup, warm bread, water, a thermos of tea, some cookies and a few books.

It took a little while to find Michael's door but then knocked on the door and said, "Michael, I brought you some stuff you might need."
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William's out by the stables, leaning against the paddock fence and watching the horses.

Les is hitched near the front but for now he's just enjoying all the beautiful horses.

He left a message with Michael to let him know that he was here and could do some riding.
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Some time not long after the earthquake and the crystal appeared in Milliways, William started having new nightmares. They began as small variations on ones he'd had for the past few years, the fight in Contention blurred into Milliways with Katya falling beside his father or Mark's coughing happened in the infirmary.

While he was in Gotland, they shifted even more as doors appeared and disappeared and artillery fire rained down on Milliways until it looked like the pictures of burned out Atlanta or the destruction around Gettysburg.

When he came back and found the outside resembled the pictures from the war and Katya and his father didn't return, the dreams grew more detailed and complex along with happening every night. The worst ones always happened out back in Milliways as the churned up ground came to hold the bodies of everyone he knew: his father dying and then fading away, Mark and his mother killed by a blast of something, Katya turning and shifting into a tiger before something he can't see kills her, Thalia charging into a monster, Bill shooting until his gun runs out, Miss Barlow with a rifle yelling in anger and fear before there's something soft on his face and he wakes up with a cry.

He wakes to Horus looking down on him, resting a paw on his face and licking him. Some nights, he's able to sleep again with Horus watching over him and real and alive beside him, other times he wakes up early to work in the stables. If he does enough during the day to go to sleep exhausted, he doesn't wake as often but the nightmares are always there.
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William's not sure what he's expecting to come of this appointment with Hellboy other than learning some more fighting tricks.

Horus is visiting with the forge cats so he's out of the way and William's waiting out by the stable paddock.
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When they pass through the two trees, the landscape changes from green to brown with other colors as they move into Arizona.

The door isn't right on the ranch, which William's grateful for as he wouldn't want to do any explaining to his family about Thalia and instead just show her his home, "What do you think?"


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